Totem is part of the furniture collection 'Paral·lel', which explores the principles of Open Design's philosophy, designed in representation of the Polytechnic University of Valencia at the young designers talent place at Habitat International Furniture Fair in February 2015.


We live in a very busy world where there’s no time to waste. Totem fits perfectly into our dynamic lifestyles, and relieves the stress of those chaotic mornings.

We all know how it feels to be rushing around the house trying to find everything that we need for our working day, whilst at the same time worrying about being late. Thanks to Totem, everything that you need for your day is in one place, neatly stored and ready and waiting for you.

It’s design (constructed under open design principles) allows the user to personalize the final product according to their personal tastes and needs through the combination of different accessories. All of the components can be placed at a height to suit the owner, as its design allows for quick and easy personalization.

Totem rescues two product typologies (the dressing table and the valet) which are disappearing from the contemporary home and it is adapting those to today's actual needs.

Totem is made from cut outs from a single plywood board, saving material and resources.
Pictures by Carlos Almagro
Paral·lel Family (left to right): Guillermo Alcayna, Andrea Caballero, Irene Camarasa, Patricia Fuster, Aurora Saenz and Andrea Mestre